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After the Fortnight: A Reflection and a Call to Prayer

We recently completed our second nationwide observance of the “Fortnight for Freedom” — a very beautiful two-week period of prayer, education, and advocacy, initiated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. It began on the vigil of the Feasts of the martyrs St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, and concluded on Independence Day.

During this time, Catholics, along with our many brothers and sisters in Christ and people of good will throughout...

Wisdom, Christian Witness, and the Year of Faith

A long time ago in Germany, a man kept a diary. And some of his words are worth sharing today, because they’re a good place to begin our discussion.

The man wrote: “Speak both to the powerful and to every man—whoever he may be—appropriately and without affectation. Use plain language. Receive wealth or prosperity without arrogance, and be ready to let it go. Order your life well in every single...

The Genuine Sexual Revolution

The early Church was born into a society that in many ways was divided over the family. The greatest of the Greek philosophers preached a moral code that was nearly identical to the high morality of the early Christians, while at the same time Greek society was rife with sexual immorality of all kinds. Roman culture was similarly divided.

In the early Republic, the Romans held (and mostly practiced) a high degree of moral...