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When Mother’s Day is a Day of Mourning

For many women, Mother’s Day brings sadness. The infertile mourn the absence of children, others grieve the children they have lost through miscarriages, abortions, sickness, accidents and wars. Others, who had a difficult relationship with their mothers, or who were perhaps abandoned and abused, also have a hard time thinking of their mothers with gratitude. Or, they might have lost their mothers at a young age and grieve her absence. Women, who never found...

Generous Motherhood

On Sunday May 12, many people will celebrate Mother’s Day, which gives us an opportune time to think about the gift of motherhood.

Blessed John Paul II in his apostolic letter Mulieris Dignitatem reflects upon the various gifts of women throughout salvation history and in the present hour of history. Reflecting on the value of motherhood, John Paul writes:

This mutual gift of the person in marriage opens to the gift of a new life,...