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Is Hillary a Political Leader or a Religious One?

This past weekend, Presidential-hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton spoke emphatically about the need to improve women’s welfare. She cited a decrease in maternal mortality rates as progress, but said there was still much work to do to ensure safe births and “reproductive health care”, which—for Clinton—most definitely includes unlimited access to abortion.

Now here is where a number of conservative commenters have rightly pricked up their ears about threats to religious liberty. Clinton went...

Margaret Sanger Desanitized

Margaret Sanger passed away in the year 1966, one week before her 87th birthday. Though she was an atheist, funeral services were held at the Episcopal Church in Tucson, Arizona where she was eulogized as a “good, fighting saint who experienced martyrdom.” The Reverend George Ferguson went on to say that “all the elements of sainthood were personified many times in her life.”

The made-for-television movie, Choices of the Heart:  The Margaret Sanger...