Marie Meaney, Ph.D.

Marie Meaney, Ph.D. is the author of the booklet “Embracing the Cross of Infertility” which has also come out in Spanish, Hungarian, Croatian and German.  She is furthermore a specialist on the French philosopher and mystic Simone Weil, and her book Simone Weil’s Apologetic Use of Literature: Her Christological Interpretations of Ancient Greek Texts appeared with OUP in 2007. She was an Arthur J. Ennis teaching fellow at the University of Villanova in Philadelphia before moving to Italy due to her husband’s work in 2010. Dr. Meaney received her doctorate and an M. Phil. in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford. She also obtained an M. Phil. in philosophy from the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein and a D.E.U.G. from the Sorbonne in Paris.

Articles by Marie:

  • Caroline

    Dear Dr. Meaney,
    Thank you for your articles. There is a dearth of info on dealing with being barren. You can’t talk about it. No one understands but another woman who is barren and you never meet her because neither of you dare speak of it from being hurt by the thoughtless responses of others. I truly think there should be some group of Catholic women who could form a support group for the childless.

  • Mike Rizik

    Dr.Meaney: Just beautiful. Well written. Perfect.