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Preparing to Receive the Word Made Flesh

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. These words from the Gospel of John are familiar to most of us and we will hear them at Mass on Christmas morning. It could be easy to take them for granted, but in fact this is the very mystery of the Incarnation, and something we should rightly contemplate during this Advent season.

What does it mean for us today that the Word became...

“The good Lord willing, I’m doing just fine!”

By Catherine Mendenhall-Baugh

I met him about four years ago. He told me his name was “Marlin, just like the fish!” He was going through the dumpster in the apartment complex where I live. He did this to give himself some extra money. In Oregon we have the “Oregon Bottle Bill.” This is a container deposit law that requires cans, bottles and other containers of carbonated soft drinks, beer and water sold, to be returnable with a refund value. Essentially each can and bottle...

Reflections on the Supernatural Virtue of Faith

We are living in a difficult time in history. Numerous aspects of the modern world prevent us from living truly Christian lives: secularism, atheism, relativism, technology (when used inappropriately without temperance)—the list is quite lengthy. When we are living in a world that is seemingly divided against itself, it may sometimes be difficult to see God’s hand in history. We may struggle to have the faith to turn to him in our times of...

God’s Ordinary and Supernatural Presence

In With God in America, a collection of the writings of Father Walter Ciszek, S.J.—a holy priest imprisoned in Soviet camps for twenty-three years who is under consideration for canonization—a chapter entitled “The Presence of God” distinguishes between God’s “ordinary presence” throughout creation and His “supernatural presence” in a person’s soul. In the sunrise and sunset and in the course of the four seasons, God’s Divine Providence manifests its ordinary presence because “God...

Further Thoughts On Veritatis Splendor

By Fr. Basil Cole, O.P.

See Part I here.

Because of the unity of human nature, the natural moral law has a certain and clear universality about what is the true good of the human person in any age. Yet “…This universality does not ignore the individuality of human beings, nor is it opposed to the absolute uniqueness of each person” (51c).

It is prohibited–to everyone and in every case–to violate these precepts. They oblige...

Millions Look Towards Heaven For 2 Minutes, 40 Seconds!

By Catherine Mendenhall-Baugh

The event that happens so rarely was seen by millions across the United States on August 21, 2017. The total solar eclipse crossed the U. S. in less than two hours going from coast to coast. Many Americans only witnessed a few seconds whereas some saw it for up to two minutes. Mostly everyone that participated was awestruck. It was a spectacular few seconds that caused this country to stop and look towards Heaven. I wonder how God must have...

A Short Primer on Veritatis Splendor: Part I

By Fr. Basil Cole, O.P.

When Pope St. John Paul illuminated the Church with his encyclical on fundamental moral theology (Veritatis Splendor, 1993), written for bishops and theologians, it  was easily forgotten. Unlike Humanae Vitae, which was also addressed to the laity and persons of good will, St. John Paul was addressing bishops, clergy and especially theologians because he was rectifying a number of errors dealing with fundamental moral theology as it was taught in many seminaries. Being...

Lord make me an instrument of thy peace on earth!

By Catherine Mendenhall-Baugh

“And if it’s peace we pray for and peace is what we give, then peace will be the way we are and peace the way we live” (John Denver, Peace poem).

Why is a peaceful interconnection between people sometimes so difficult? Haven’t we learned the lesson by now that fear, anger, hatred and bullying will hinder any capacity for peace in our world?

Throughout history wars conflicts and disagreements have led to various types...