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Media Tempest in Papal Teapot: Reconsidering the Pope Francis Interview

Due to my usual inattentiveness and travel I missed most of the flapdoodle surrounding the recent interview with Pope Francis. But as I am back in the saddle now, I thought I might weigh in with the benefit of some distance from the controversy initiated by the chattering classes who have, it appears, cornered the “Pope Francis media market.”

So what did the pope actually say? Here is the warhead as it was launched...

On Marriage and Martyrdom

In a very funny piece written a number of years ago, the late Erma Bombeck (she died in 1996), announced that with the possible exception of “We have lift off,” or “This country is at war,” there will never be another sentence in the language as sobering as, “I now pronounce you man and wife!”

For far too many of us, however, we are not nearly sobered enough. Certainly not the newly married, who, moving...

Suppose Christ Had Not Come?

In 1946, the year after the end of the Second World War, legendary film director Frank Capra made a magical movie called It’s a Wonderful Life. The film starred Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, the unsuspecting hero who saves the town of Bedford Falls from the evil clutches of Mr. Potter (played with perfect malevolence by Lionel Barrymore). The movie has become a timeless Christmas classic.

Audiences everywhere never tire of watching it. So...

Why Did Christ Come?

Years ago, when my children were both young and endearing (they are still endearing but not so young), they would often ask me when I thought God would open the clouds and come down.

“How should I know?” I would invariably reply. “I’m only a theologian. Go ask your mother!”

It must have worked, too, because I am no longer asked that particular question. Other questions have come to visit and vex me: “Can...

Women as Warriors?

Shall I tell you what my first impulse was on seeing the news conference at which Leon Panetta announced how “pleased” he was that the time had come to put an end to “the ground combat exclusion rule for women”? I thought the Secretary of Defense had gone off his rocker.

Why would an otherwise sane man authorize sending women into war? “Poor chap,” I said to my wife, “he’s gone completely crackers.” But...