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St. Joseph: Patron of the Universal Church, and the ‘Domestic Church’

Bishop Conley is delivering the keynote address of the upcoming conference, “Life, Dignity and Disability” presented by Human Life International and the Nebraska Catholic Conference. Click here to learn more and to register for this exciting conference.

A new and beautiful tradition has begun in our lifetime. By order of Pope Francis and by God’s grace, a small but historic change has been made to the Holy Mass: all...

Euthanasia Supporters Must Learn True Meaning of ‘Dignity’ and ‘Compassion’

When the nation of Belgium formally abolished the death penalty in 1996, it hadn’t executed anyone in peacetime for more than one hundred years. The Belgian government passed the abolition law because, it said, the “death penalty is a serious assault on human dignity.”

The Belgian government was right—unnecessary execution is an assault on human dignity, and an erosion of our humanity. All unjust killing is. This is why, when a...