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To The Sexually Impatient

Why wait for sex? If premarital sex isn’t something we seriously should try to avoid our teenager becoming involved in, then why does it have serious life-altering consequences?Why is it that all the sex education and free access to “safe sex” has not reduce teen pregnancies or abortions? Why are there still so many single people, teens and adults taking part in risky behavior?Could it be that as children, we were never catechized as...

The Promise of the Pill

Contraception promises “Free love”; “Liberty”; “Its your choice”; “Its your right”; “Its your body”; “Take control”. Imagine the promises of a larger than life, merciful and loving God, then, can make?

The difference though between this pill and God is that this pill comes with strings attached to it: divorce, adultery, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, cancer, unwanted sterilization, etc.

Contracepting against God’s plan for marriage or acting “contrary” to it always comes with consequences. At...