Article Series

Reflections On The Nature Of Marriage

Peter Kwasniewski, Ph.D., looks at the sacramental nature of marriage and the implications that follow from it.

A Catholic Look At The Issues: Election Season 2016

As Catholics in the United States, we have the privelege and the responsibility to not only vote, but to vote well. An essential part of voting well is the formation of one’s conscience by thoroughly understanding political issues and the Church’s rich teaching on them.


Considerations for the 2015 Synod

Dr. Mark Latkovic provides food for thought on the Synod of the Family, taking place October 2015.

Part I: Whose Agenda? Reflections on the Upcoming Synod

Part II: Speaking the Truth in Love

Part III: Fundamental Distinctions for the Upcoming Synod

Celebrating the Gospel of Life: 20th Anniversary of Evangelium Vitae

Articles in this series include:

Part I: Evangelium Vitae 20 Years Later: Abundant Life (Caitlin Bootsma, editor)

Part II: Evangelium Vitae: False Freedom at the Root of Abortion (Stephanie Pacheco)

Part III: Lack of Respect for Life and the Spiritual Life (Fr. C.J. McCloskey)

Part IV: Life is the Place Where God Manifests Himself (Allison LeDoux)

Part V: Principles of Action Concerning Civil Law (Joe Kral)

Part VI: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Life (Msgr. Barreiro)

Humanae Vitae in Cultural Context after Almost Five Decades

The promulgation of Humanae vitae marked a watershed moment in the Catholic Church. This series by Dr. Mark Latkovic explores both the teaching and the cultural setting of Bl. Paul VI’s encyclical, situating it in the social upheaval of the 1960s.

Articles in this series include:

Part I: Humanae Vitae, the 60s and the Sexual and Scientific/Technological Revolutions

Part II: Humanae Vitae and the Tyrrany of Technology

Part III: Openness to Life, Technology and the Role of Virtue: Contraception vs. NFP

Part IV: The Link Between Spousal Love and “Responsible” Parenthood

Part V: What Happens When Truth is Rejected

Part VI: The Blue Print for a Happy Life

Individual Employers and the HHS Mandate

The HHS Mandate, part of the Affordable Care Act, infringes on the religious liberty of business owners who believe that providing contraception, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilizations to employees is immoral. This series examines the various choices available to individual employers being asked to comply with the Mandate.

Articles in this series include:

Part I: The Height of Injustice (Arland Nichols)

Part II: Individual Employers and the Principle of Legitimate Cooperation (Sr. Renee Mirkes)

Part III: The HHS Mandate and the Problem of Assessing Material Cooperation (Christian Brugger)

Part IV: The HHS Mandate: Why we Fight (Denise Hunnell)

On the Dignity and Vocation of Women

This series is being published in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Mulieris Dignitatem.

Articles in this series includes:

Part I: Let it Be Done Unto Me: the Vulnerability of Assent (Leonie Caldecott)

Part II: The Meaning of Motherhood (Kathleen Dardis Singleton)

Part III: Motherhood and a New Sort of Women’s Movement (Leonie Caldecott)

Part IV: New Feminism & Motherhood Since Mulieris Dignitatem: Gains Made & Challenges Ahead (Kerri Lenartowick)

Part V: American Women, Catholic Teaching, and the Culture Wars (Fr. C.J. McCloskey)

Part VI: Transforming Wounds, Restoring Dignity (Allison LeDoux)

On the American Bishops’ Pastoral Letter, “Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan”

This series of articles explores the American Bishops’ Pastoral Letter, “Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan.”

Articles in this series includes:

Part I: What is Marriage?

Part II: Unitive and Procreative: What is Marriage?

Part III: Divorce: Challenges to Marriage: What is Marriage?

Part IV: Challenges to Marriage: What is Marriage?

Part V: Marriage in the Church – What is Marriage?

Symposium on Plan B

This series of articles addresses the recent furor over Plan B, seeing it as an opportunity for our fellow pro-lifers to slow down, step out of activist mode, and enter into the conversation in a prayerful and thoughtful way.

Articles in this series includes:

Part I: When in Doubt, Choose Life

Part II: Not All Morning-After Pills Are Abortifacients: The Scientific Evidence

Part III: Plan B’s Main Mechanism of Action: The Case for a Post-Fertilization Effect

Part IV: The Evidence that Plan B Does Not Cause Abortions in the Fertile Window

Part V: The State of the Science: Why Catholic Hospitals Should Not Dispense Plan B

Part VI: Take Home Lessons from the Furor over Plan B: Symposium on Plan B