The Truth and Charity Forum is an online publication of Human Life International (HLI), dedicated exclusively to the sacredness and gift of all human life, the mission and vocation of the family, and the right to live in accord with our Catholic faith.

Human Life International is an organization founded by Father Paul Marx, OSB, For The Glory of God and The Defense of Life, Faith, and Family. As the world’s largest international pro-life and pro-family organization, HLI has affiliates and associates in over 80 nations throughout the world.

The Truth and Charity Forum is a response to Father Marx’s call many years ago:  “HLI’s most important service is to present the moral teaching of the Catholic Church, clear-headed analysis of what’s taking place in society, and, based on its international experience, suggestions for effective ways to deal with problems.” This trio of directives are the hallmark of the Forum: Present Church teaching, Offer careful and clear analysis, Propose solutions for building a culture of life.

In the Forum, some matters may be addressed that have not been definitely settled by the Magisterium, but which may be debated amongst the faithful. Opinions expressed in this forum, therefore, do not necessarily represent the official position of HLI, and should not be understood to claim the authority of the Magisterium. Views on matters that have not been doctrinally settled are those of the individual author. Human Life International is entirely obedient to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and will not publish articles that contradict Her teaching.

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