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Together We Are Divided

President Barack Obama, in his Second Inaugural Address, could not have placed greater emphasis on the importance of America’s founding principles. He began by alluding to the “enduring strength of our Constitution” and proceeded to affirm the opening words of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these rights are...

Smartphones, Sex, and Your Teen

As a parent, there is an unstated checklist of topics you are required to cover with your child in order to prepare them to be balanced, healthy, and independent adults. They range from basic hygiene and financial responsibility, to appropriate social skills, time management, and goal setting.

There’s also the dreaded “Sex Talk.”

Every parent knows that sex needs to be discussed in some way, though for many it’s an uncomfortable and unavoidably awkward. We...

Joanna Hyatt

Joanna Hyatt has spoken nationally on healthy relationships and sexual behavior to thousands of teens and young adults in public and private schools, churches and colleges. She writes regularly on these issues for parents and young adults at Roo Magazine, Verily Magazine, and Darling Magazine and at her website Her upcoming book, The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents, will be released March 2013.

Fr. James Kubicki, S.J.

Fr. James Kubicki, S.J., the author of A Heart on Fire: Rediscovering Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is the national director of the Apostleship of Prayer.

Parenting for the Sterile

I do not wish to offer any facile answers or consolations for those suffering from infertility. The cross for those having none or less children than they would wish is a heavy one; it takes much grieving and it is a long process to accept this suffering and to find inner peace in Christ. This is no sign of moral weakness, but simply the consequence of intense pain.

To tell infertile couples that they...

Emotional Pornography

“I turned 50 shades of pink when I saw my former elementary school teacher reading Fifty Shades of Grey,” someone might quip. Joking about the New York Times best-seller (and soon-to-be movie) Fifty Shades of Grey is almost as popular as the book itself. Billed as “an erotic novel,” the book reportedly includes obscenely graphic sexual scenes – scenes that focus on distorted practices such as bondage, dominance and sadism. The fact that so many...

A Reflection on the Dissenters of Roe and Doe

Alongside what one commentator has called the vandalism of the U.S. Constitution that occurred in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton came two clear-minded, accessible dissents that cut to the core of the multiplicity of errors issued forth from the Court 40 years ago this past Tuesday.

Justice William Rehnquist, who would go on to become the Chief Justice, and Justice Byron White, the two “no” votes in both cases, each handled one...

The End of Education

Neil Postman gave his book, The End of Education (1996), an ambiguous title to highlight the drama that is always being played out between the purpose and the dissolution of education. He is convinced that many of our most troubling social problems could be ameliorated if we could improve our methods of true education.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by forms of education that are highly unreliable. Politics is an educator, but all too...