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New York Clerk Refuses Same-Sex “Marriage” License

I was surprised by the following article:

Jefferson Center — Joan MacIntryre and Jane Andrews have dreamed of a wedding with all the trappings. Joan has pulled out all the stops to bring it all together. Jane is taking care of the flowers. Relatives are coming in from all over. The event is planned for late October, but now it seems it is not going to happen.

At least not...

Has The Tide Turned?

All right, hear me out! The tide has turned. After decades of resistance, the latest polls show that a slight majority of Americans have now changed their opinions on the issue. It is only a matter of time before it will be resolved. Let’s face it, the tide has turned.

Youth are all going in favor. The only ones on the other side are the older generations. State legislatures are changing the laws. It...

Media Spin, Human Nature, and Speaking the Truth

Why is it that the New York Times, Time magazine, and all the other tawdry publications simply bash the Catholic Church and never run positive articles?

Could you imagine the following headline: “Amidst Abuse Woes, Pope Offers Compelling Defense of Priestly Celibacy.” Or: “Statistics Show that Homosexuality Plays Major Role in Catholic Abuse Crisis.” No. They only run articles that pre-conform to their worldview and they suppress all other perspectives. How’s that for a...


From Gay Sex to Marriage Equality

When I was growing up (I’m almost 50 years old now), there were few more hurtful and shameful insults that could be hurled at oneself than “gay” or “homo.” Moreover, the visceral reaction against homosexuality was so strong at the time, the thought that the terms “gay” and “marriage” would be used in the same sentence would have seemed preposterous – even to many people with a same-sex attraction.

Now, I know it’s...

The Power of Communication: A Reflection on Euphemism

Let’s face it, we all do it. At a fine restaurant we would much sooner politely inquire for directions to the “restroom,” then brashly ask: “Where’s the toilet?”

It is a natural human tendency to perform a degree of instant self-sanitization of our phraseology, in order to accommodate our current audience, or, to quote the immortal Mary Poppins, to add the proverbial “spoonful of sugar” to help the medicine go down.


Kermit Gosnell and the Questions We Won’t Ask Ourselves

I would say you’ve been living under a rock if you hadn’t heard about the explosions at the Boston Marathon. Practically within seconds, this grotesque crime was broadcast on every major news outlet. Less familiar, but equally horrific, is the trial of a man who gruesomely killed hundreds of babies born alive in his abortion clinic. However, as many have noted, the mainstream media either ignored the trial of mass murderer Kermit Gosnell or wrote...

The Vicar of Christ, Not a Tool

It was with shocked excitement that I took a moment to register the name of the new Holy Father. This wasn’t who we were expecting; none of my friends or coworkers had mentioned his name as a possible contender for the office. But there he was, looking slightly shell-shocked, Pope Francis: the first Jesuit Pope, the first Latin American Pope and the first Pope to choose the name “Francis.”

Along with my joy that we...