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St. John Chrysostom: The family as Micro-Church

In recent Church history there has been considerable reflection on the family as a domestic Church. One of the Patristic contributors to this revival is the great Doctor of the Eastern Church, St. John Chrysostom (347-407). As a bishop he promoted baptized Christian families in his diocese to be what he termed “micro” or “mini” Churches of the home. He developed this from his reading of St. Paul where Paul addresses Priscilla and Aquila...


The Household of God: The Church Imaged As Family

The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, titled Lumen Gentium or Light to the Nations, portrays the Church as a supernatural mystery through a convergent use of multiple images many of which can be found in Scripture. A supernatural mystery is knowable because God reveals it, but it remains inexhaustible. Some prominent images to consider when speaking of the Church are: a sheepfold, a cultivated field, a flock, the village of God, the building of...