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Top 6 Pro-Life Aims for Health Care Reform

By Stephanie Pacheco

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump vowed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. The promise helped him win, and Congressional Republicans, led by House Speaker Paul Ryan, are now gearing up for the massive undertaking. As Mr. Trump takes office and health care policy changes unfold, citizens with pro-life commitments should keep an eye on the developments, because in the new policy our government will be seeking...


Pro-life Politics are not Fringe or Obsolete: The Hyde/Helms Amendments

By Stephanie Pacheco

The mention of being pro-life is often met by eye-rolls, as something out of style, obsolete even, since abortion has been legal for over forty years. Even Pope Francis said in his first major papal interview that “We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods.” There is something about the pro-life movement that even the pope admits has a passe, judgmental characteristic. While there...


Being Catholic under a Trump Presidency

It was a tough election season. There were grave reasons for voting for Mr. Trump, but also many aspects that Catholics and others found deeply troubling such as his demeaning remarks about women. Despite the positives for conservatism and pro-life principles propelled by a vast majority of Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, voting Republican, now is not the time for a victory lap, but rather to dig in take part in accomplishing the magnanimous...


Mrs. Clinton’s Religion Problem

Mrs. Clinton’s intolerance is as glaring as Mr. Trump’s; she merely has a different target: religious liberty.

Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump has insulted women, persons with handicaps, Muslims, Hispanics and anyone else who crosses him. On the grounds of decency and respect for one another, many Christian leaders have come out in public opposition to Mr. Trump. Prominent pastor and best-selling author Max Lucado cited Mr. Trump’s claim to represent Christian...


First Belgian Child Euthanized, Slippery Slope Morphs into Cliff

In 2014, Belgium extended their euthanasia laws to include children. This year, the first case of a killing of a minor, unnamed to protect the family’s privacy, has been confirmed. The presumption of the goodness of life over death has eroded far.

Two other cases in the 2010s drive the point further: in 2012, a British mother, Charlotte Fitzmaurice, petitioned and was granted the legal right to kill her disabled, suffering but...


Though Criticized, Mother Teresa Chastised Politicians, Championed NFP

Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016, Pope Francis canonized Mother Teresa, now to be known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Her elevation to sainthood was unusually widely-covered in the secular media as she is one of the few saints in living memory who was also a public figure, and it has sparked controversy often because of her opposition to abortion and her strong faith standing as underpinnings to her charitable work. However, her own pro-life remarks reveal an...


Catholic Theologian Takes His Own Life: Christianity And Depression

In March, a lay Catholic theologian, Stephen Webb, took his own life to the great grieving of his wife, children, friends and professional community at Wabash College and even to some of the readers of his published work, such as myself.

I mourn for Stephen Webb even though I did not know him personally. His work in First Things, particularly, “Saving Punishment,” affected me deeply. He was also brave enough to write about Christians and depression,...


3 Principles for Pro-Faith Education in the Modern Age

As the social environment becomes more polarized, a need develops for education grounded firmly in the truths about life, its goodness and the human person. Catholic schools go a long way to meeting this need, but the foundations of learning are still worth considering as parents, the first educators of children and also for the sake of continual growth and reform in existing schools.

As I contemplate the pros and cons of Catholic school, public school,...