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Regnative Prudence and Pro-Life Legislation Part 2: The Dismemberment Abortion Ban

Ever since the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the federal partial birth abortion ban in 2007 some elements of the pro-life movement have taken the next logical step by focusing on the brutality of second and third trimester abortions. This has been done in two ways: 1) through banning abortion at the 20 week gestational mark, and 2) dismemberment abortion bans. As a result, citizens have certainly become more aware of the...


God Knits Us Together in the Womb: Embryology in the First Two Weeks of Life

There is a growing awareness of the humanity of children and the evils of late-term and partial-birth abortions, when the child is largely formed and recognizably human. The Pew Research Center states that 64% of Americans believe that abortion should be illegal during the second trimester of pregnancy. Those numbers jump to 80% against abortion in the third trimester, and are based on USA Today/Gallup polls from December 27-30, 2012. There is still a great...


Autonomy and Interconnectedness

The family is more interconnected biologically than most people realize. An article published in Scientific American (Dec. 4, 2012), carries a most startling title: “Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mother’s Brains: The connection between mother and child is deeper than thought”. In this report, author Robert Martone discusses “microchimerism,” a fascinating phenomenon that is a burgeoning new field of scientific inquiry and also “a reminder of our interconnectedness”.

The term “microchimerism” is...


Regnative Prudence and Pro-Life Legislation Part 1: The Heartbeat Bill and Abortion Bans

Recently, Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoed what was termed the “Heartbeat Bill” which many pro-life advocates had fought to pass within the Ohio legislature. It dumbfounded many as to why a staunchly pro-life governor would veto such legislation. Was this not his duty to enact legislation that would help usher in a Culture of Life? Was not Kasich’s veto an act that was contrary to this purpose? Is this not contrary to...


The Moral Case for States to Pass Partial Birth Abortion Bans

In 2004, President George W. Bush signed into federal law the prohibition of the horrendous practice of partial birth abortions. Soon afterwards, abortion advocates challenged the constitutionality of the law within the federal courts. In 2007, the US Supreme Court issued its Gonzales v. Carhart decision allowing the law to stand and to go into effect. However, in the summer of 2015 it became increasingly obvious that some abortionists had violated the...


Protecting Society Without the Death Penalty

Can society effectively incarcerate violent criminals, and protect innocent people from them? Pope St. John Paul II stated that it can, and that while the Church’s official teaching on the death penalty is that the state has the right to take life in order to protect society, I would argue that this is no longer practically necessary in the modern world, with the incarceration methods and technological advances available. “No matter how heinous the crime,...


Education and Reconciliation

Education and Reconciliation are important themes for February’s “Black History Month”. Black history, of course, is tightly intertwined with white history. We may look to various Supreme Court decisions as a profitable learning exercise. But that exercise is also charged with hope, even hope for the unborn.

The history of US Supreme Court decisions looks like a roller coaster, moving from lows to highs or even from highs to lows as wisdom and...


Top 6 Pro-Life Aims for Health Care Reform

By Stephanie Pacheco

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump vowed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. The promise helped him win, and Congressional Republicans, led by House Speaker Paul Ryan, are now gearing up for the massive undertaking. As Mr. Trump takes office and health care policy changes unfold, citizens with pro-life commitments should keep an eye on the developments, because in the new policy our government will be seeking...