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Bringing Up Parents

“If there is one thing you could tell your parents, what would that be?” This is the question that a TV hostess put to her teenage guest. The young lady’s face gleamed at the chance of being a parent to her parents, if only momentarily, and telling them exactly what she felt they needed to hear. “I would tell them,” she replied, with an air of supreme confidence, “to be more lenient with...


The Destruction of Childhood

Anthony Esolen’s exceptional and incisive Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child (2010) exposes the many techniques of controlling, taming, brainwashing, and manipulating children’s minds and hearts–methods that have transformed the lives of the young from innocent, adventurous boys and girls in love with life and rapt with wonder into passive creatures undergoing indoctrination at many levels. Each of these ten ways that attack or distort childhood robs it of its enchantment...


The Supernatural Dimension of Love

Great Renaissance poets like John Donne have sung the praises not only of the joy and happiness of love but also its miraculous, eternal nature. In poems with titles like “The Good-morrow,” “Loves infinitenesse” and Love’s Growth,” Donne captures the ecstasy of human love and marvels at its spiritual richness. This supernatural, heavenly nature of love and marriage, also celebrated in “The Song of Solomon,” has been reduced and cheapened in modern culture that...


Happily Ever After and the Freedom of the Gift

On a hurried Saturday afternoon while running some routine errands, I made a quick stop in the local Dollar Store to pick up some wrapping paper. What I encountered at the cash register turned out to be an occasion for some serious reflection. Among my purchases was a pretty gift bag for an upcoming bridal shower. The clerk who was bagging my items commented on what a pretty bag it was, then upon closer look,...


Considering Obergefell v. Hodges and the Sublime Dignity of Marriage

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Obergefell v. Hodges, it is fitting to reflect on the Church’s teaching on marriage, a teaching that is not strictly about the sacrament but also about the natural purposes of marriage. This teaching about natural marriage has seemingly been tossed aside by the modern media to pave the way for “tolerance,” so that almost anyone can marry each because “they love each other.” If love is the defining...


Is It Ever Immoral Not to Practice NFP?

As science progresses, particularly ethical medical practices such as NaPro technology, the question arises whether it would ever be morally wrong not to practice NFP when one has a legitimate reason for such practice. For example, if you know that your baby’s life or your own would be put in danger by a pregnancy, is there a moral imperative to practice NFP so as to not unnecessarily risk losing a life?

First, we...


Children’s Outdoor Play

As more children people play video games and use mobile devices as toys, they spend less time in outdoor play. The indoors rather than the outdoors have become the natural arena of play for the young. Some recent studies indicate that the typical child in America—unlike European children—spends an average of seven minutes each day playing outdoors. Other studies have noted the rising trend in elementary schools to reduce and minimize recess time. These...


Marriage: an Imperfect Image of Christ and His Church

By Fr. Basil Cole, O.P.

If I were a pastor of a parish, I would put in highlighted print on my parish bulletin each week the following from St. Thomas Aquinas, following St. Augustine and also cited by the Council of Trent:

God does not command the impossible and if it seems so, we do what we can and pray for his help (Council of Trent, DH 1536 & 1568; see St. Thomas, On Truth 24, 13).