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The Torture of Suspected Terrorists

When approaching the extremely controversial debate over whether suspected terrorists should be tortured in prison, one should ask whether torture is effective at obtaining information that could save lives, and whether it is morally permissible according to Catholic teaching. For the purposes of this article, the definition of torture will include “enhanced interrogation techniques” such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation, psychological stress placed on prisoners, and related tactics.

The most compelling question surrounding the use of...


God Knits Us Together in the Womb: Embryology in the First Two Weeks of Life

There is a growing awareness of the humanity of children and the evils of late-term and partial-birth abortions, when the child is largely formed and recognizably human. The Pew Research Center states that 64% of Americans believe that abortion should be illegal during the second trimester of pregnancy. Those numbers jump to 80% against abortion in the third trimester, and are based on USA Today/Gallup polls from December 27-30, 2012. There is still a great...


Themes of Suicide in Scripture

Can one find help specifically for mental illness in the Bible, as it was not known or understood as such when the Bible was written? As God’s Word, His inspired truth, the Bible is completely applicable to life today, when many people are suffering with mental health issues of their own or of loved ones. Great comfort can be found in concrete examples of mental health episodes that are given to us in Scripture, and...


Protecting Society Without the Death Penalty

Can society effectively incarcerate violent criminals, and protect innocent people from them? Pope St. John Paul II stated that it can, and that while the Church’s official teaching on the death penalty is that the state has the right to take life in order to protect society, I would argue that this is no longer practically necessary in the modern world, with the incarceration methods and technological advances available. “No matter how heinous the crime,...