A Short Primer on Veritatis Splendor: Part I

By Fr. Basil Cole, O.P.

When Pope St. John Paul illuminated the Church with his encyclical on fundamental moral theology (Veritatis Splendor, 1993), written for bishops and theologians, it  was easily forgotten. Unlike Humanae Vitae, which was also addressed to the laity and persons of good will, St. John Paul was addressing bishops, clergy and especially theologians because he was rectifying a number of errors dealing with fundamental moral theology as it was taught in many seminaries. Being rather lengthy, most lay people did not read it being over one hundred pages accompanied by one hundred and…

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Oct, 15 2017

Harvesting Human Eggs and Informed Consent Legislation

“Tacit qui consentire videtur” is the legal principle of “silence implies consent.” When the law is silent on a matter, the law considers the matter legal since the law does not prohibit the action. In many respects this principle is applicable when it…

Oct, 11 2017

Lord make me an instrument of thy peace on earth!

By Catherine Mendenhall-Baugh

“And if it’s peace we pray for and peace is what we give, then peace will be the way we are and peace the way we live” (John Denver, Peace poem).

Why is a peaceful interconnection between people sometimes so difficult? Haven’t we learned the…

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Oct, 9 2017

Be Not Afraid

The inherent dignity of the human person and the sacredness of human life are part of our fundamental understanding of who we are as…

Sep, 21 2017

What Are Pro-Life Oregonians To Do? Moral Action and Unjust Public Funding

It is written by St. Thomas Aquinas that “A tyrannical law, though not being according to reason, is not a law, absolutely speaking,…

Jul, 31 2017

Pontius Pilate, Regnative Fortitude, and the Culture of Life

In many ways the story of Pontius Pilate is a narrative of the Culture of Death. His words embody the antithesis of the Culture…

Jul, 2 2017

The Truth of Love Sets Us Free

“Love is the fundamental and innate vocation of every human being.” These words were spoken by St. John Paul II in his 1981 Apostolic Exhortation…

Jun, 25 2017

“The “Glory of God is Man Fully Alive”: The Madness of Transhumanism

Utopian schemes, always fantasizing about progress, development, and evolution, envision the future of a brave new world detached from Mother Nature’s laws and God…

Jun, 1 2017

The Great Good of Bona Fide Catholic Education

Rooted in the classical world of Greek thought and Thomistic philosophy, Catholic education is not shaped by trends, fashions, and fads but founded on…

Oct, 6 2017

In Defense of Duty

The aftermath of America’s deadliest shooting in Las Vegas has brought to light many acts of heroism between strangers.  I found…

Oct, 2 2017

The Dastardly Sin of Betrayal

As Dante the pilgrim descends into the ninth and final circle of hell in the lowest and darkest pit of the Inferno in…

Sep, 26 2017

The push and pull between a true and false conscience

When it comes to speaking of the Incarnation of Jesus, theologians and the authority of the Church are very careful not to speak…