The Narratio of Sacred Liturgy in Genesis 1 and 2

The liturgy of the Church is where we, as the baptized faithful, approach the throne of Heaven with humility to give praise and thanksgiving to God, for the work of the blessed Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As the source and summit of the whole Christian life (Lumen gentium, art. 11), it is worth pondering why we celebrate the liturgy at all. Is not the liturgy just an addition to the Church’s life, a kind of afterthought to the message of the Gospel? Yet this is hardly the case; in fact, not only…

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Feb, 12 2017

Following the Line of Providence

The cynic will deny the existence of Providence. That is because he wants to be the sole master of both his dowry and his destiny. What he does not realize is that God has, so to speak, beaten him to the punch. It…

Feb, 10 2017

The Common Good and Individualistic Wishes

A moral society and a virtuous person make choices on the basis of the common good, the good of the whole, and the best interests of children and the future generations. While every person has personal wishes and special desires, these must be subordinated…

And The Two Become One Flesh (Homiletic and Pastoral Review)
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Feb, 6 2017

The Moral Case for States to Pass Partial Birth Abortion Bans

In 2004, President George W. Bush signed into federal law the prohibition of the horrendous practice of partial birth abortions. Soon afterwards, abortion advocates…

Feb, 3 2017

Protecting Society Without the Death Penalty

Can society effectively incarcerate violent criminals, and protect innocent people from them? Pope St. John Paul II stated that it can, and that while the…

Feb, 1 2017

Education and Reconciliation

Education and Reconciliation are important themes for February’s “Black History Month”. Black history, of course, is tightly intertwined with white history. We may…

Jan, 24 2017

The Culture of the Home in Wendell Berry’s Hannah Coulter

This novel portrays a countercultural way of life that never loses its appeal when contrasted with the world’s alternatives. Nathan Coulter, after witnessing the…

Jan, 23 2017

Fleeting Pleasures and Inexhaustible Sources of Joy

A natural question frequently asked about a multitude of pursuits and activities is whether or not they are worth the time, effort, cost, and…

Nov, 25 2016

Biblical Roots of the Domestic Church: Old Testament

This is the first of four weekly installments on the Spirituality of the Domestic Church.

The family is experiencing grave oppression from society and the world….

Feb, 9 2017

Angels and the Social Teaching of the Church, A Small Connection?

St. Thomas is called the angelic doctor due, in part, to his extraordinary speculation on the nature of angels, how they think and act….

Jan, 9 2017

There are No Human Beings

The contention which has been put forth by several writers that there are no human beings will seem rather startling to most people….

Jan, 4 2017

Tears of Happiness and the Exquisite Moments of Joy

Human beings delight in the world with their five senses that see beauty, hear music, feel comfort, taste deliciousness, and smell fragrance. They feel…