“The good Lord willing, I’m doing just fine!”

By Catherine Mendenhall-Baugh

I met him about four years ago. He told me his name was “Marlin, just like the fish!” He was going through the dumpster in the apartment complex where I live. He did this to give himself some extra money. In Oregon we have the “Oregon Bottle Bill.” This is a container deposit law that requires cans, bottles and other containers of carbonated soft drinks, beer and water sold, to be returnable with a refund value. Essentially each can and bottle if returned can retrieve ten cents per item. The point behind this bill is…

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Nov, 29 2017

Audrey Hepburn’s Beauty Tips

The title of this article is misleading. It attributes a poem to the stylish actress that she did not compose. It happened to be one of her favorite poems and she read it to her children on the very last Christmas Eve…

Nov, 26 2017

Bishop Sheen’s Spiritual Classic on Marriage: Three to Get Married

As the crisis of the family in the twenty-first century persists, it validates the words of Sister Lucia dos Santos, the oldest of the witnesses to the apparitions of the Holy Mother in Fatima in 1917. She wrote in a letter to Carlo Cardinal…

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By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet

Nov, 19 2017

Humanae Vitae – A Critical Message for Our Times

Nobody likes to be deceived. Most people are justifiably hurt or angry when a grave injustice is done to them, and perhaps even moved…

Nov, 8 2017

From Debate to Mockery

I have been involved, on several occasions, in public debates on the issue of abortion. Ideally, the debate is a noble endeavor…

Oct, 25 2017

Clarity in a Time of Chaos

The year 1938 was a year of global turmoil. Hitler had seized control of the German army and placed Nazis in key…

Oct, 30 2017

Applying Just Laws Unjustly: Undocumented Immigration and Abortion

Martin Luther King, Jr. once wrote, “Sometimes a law is just on its face and unjust in its application. For instance, I have…

Oct, 20 2017

#MeToo: A Catholic Response

The hashtag #MeToo has gone viral since last Sunday. Twitter reported Tuesday it has been used 825,000 times. In less than 24 hours,…

Jul, 2 2017

The Truth of Love Sets Us Free

“Love is the fundamental and innate vocation of every human being.” These words were spoken by St. John Paul II in his 1981 Apostolic Exhortation…

Nov, 12 2017

Reflections on the Supernatural Virtue of Faith

We are living in a difficult time in history. Numerous aspects of the modern world prevent us from living truly Christian lives: secularism, atheism,…

Nov, 6 2017

God’s Ordinary and Supernatural Presence

In With God in America, a collection of the writings of Father Walter Ciszek, S.J.—a holy priest imprisoned in Soviet camps for twenty-three…

Nov, 1 2017

Further Thoughts On Veritatis Splendor

See Part I here.

Because of the unity of human nature, the natural moral law has a certain and clear universality about what…