Feminism Gone Awry

Radical feminism has had a major influence on contemporary society. The key to its success, however limited, lies in its appeal to a sense of righteousness. Now, as we all know, people can be wrong about what is right. We also know that righteousness, that splendid virtue of the Old Testament, can quickly degenerate into self-righteousness. Nonetheless, instilling this sense of righteousness in people can make them decisive about such important things as who shall become president. Self-righteousness is not easy to self-diagnose.

There are two “rights” in particular that radical feminists feel particularly…

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Oct, 24 2016

Can a Catholic Morally Vote for a Third Party Candidate in 2016?

Samuel Adams once famously stated, “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of his country who tries most to promote…

Oct, 20 2016

Does the Apple Belong to the Apple Tree?

Wherever there is a movement, there are sure to be extremists. Environmentalism offers us a case in point. Perhaps the most outlandish of the environmentalist extremist groups is the one founded by the pseudonymous Les U. Knight. It is called, the Voluntary Human…

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Oct, 3 2016

Moved by Mercy: Proclaiming the Gospel of Life

For many years the Church in the United States has celebrated October as Respect Life Month. It is a beautiful reminder to all of us…

Sep, 28 2016

First Belgian Child Euthanized, Slippery Slope Morphs into Cliff

In 2014, Belgium extended their euthanasia laws to include children. This year, the first case of a killing of a minor, unnamed to protect the…

Sep, 25 2016

The Case for the Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act

Currently, there are 27 states that have passed Women’s Right to Know legislation wherein pregnant mothers are given at least a 24-hour waiting period…

Sep, 13 2016

St. John Chrysostom: The family as Micro-Church

In recent Church history there has been considerable reflection on the family as a domestic Church. One of the Patristic contributors to this revival…

Sep, 7 2016

Bringing Up Parents

“If there is one thing you could tell your parents, what would that be?” This is the question that a TV hostess put…

Aug, 3 2016

The Destruction of Childhood

Anthony Esolen’s exceptional and incisive Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child (2010) exposes the many techniques of controlling, taming, brainwashing, and…

Oct, 18 2016

The Silence of the Cross

All of us are fully aware of the suffering in our lives—suffering, as a consequence of Adam and Eve’s fall, affects everyone, to various degrees…

Oct, 12 2016

The Lonely World of Contemporary Life

In his famous definition of man as a “political animal,” Aristotle acknowledges the social nature of human beings who seek a sense…

Oct, 10 2016

What is the difference between radical dissent and non-assent?

When Bl. Paul VI published Humanae Vitae, which taught that any act which impedes the effect of conjugal intercourse before, during or after intercourse…