A pro-life attitude towards fasting and food

By Fr. Basil Cole, O.P.

Often when Lent comes around during the liturgical year, many Catholics try to use it as a time to lose weight by fasting from a lot of their favorite foods, rather than looking upon this time to grow in prayer and works of mercy. Cutting down on our favorite foods to lose of few pounds often means, quoting St. Thomas Aquinas, “restraining food that weakens strength for prayer and preaching while trying to stifle the incentives to vices is like attacking an enemy we hate but slay the citizen we love (On Evil, q.14,…

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Feb, 22 2017

Maturity: The Foundation of All Relationships

The role of every family is to lead the young to the state of maturity, a condition that is not determined by chronology. While boys and girls naturally grow and develop physically with age, they do not necessarily mature emotionally, socially, intellectually, or morally….

Feb, 19 2017

Themes of Suicide in Scripture

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Feb, 6 2017

The Moral Case for States to Pass Partial Birth Abortion Bans

In 2004, President George W. Bush signed into federal law the prohibition of the horrendous practice of partial birth abortions. Soon afterwards, abortion advocates…

Feb, 3 2017

Protecting Society Without the Death Penalty

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Feb, 1 2017

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Feb, 10 2017

The Common Good and Individualistic Wishes

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Jan, 24 2017

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Jan, 23 2017

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Feb, 15 2017

The Narratio of Sacred Liturgy in Genesis 1 and 2

The liturgy of the Church is where we, as the baptized faithful, approach the throne of Heaven with humility to give praise and thanksgiving to…

Feb, 12 2017

Following the Line of Providence

The cynic will deny the existence of Providence. That is because he wants to be the sole master of both his dowry and…

Feb, 9 2017

Angels and the Social Teaching of the Church, A Small Connection?

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