Antonio and Bassanio

Fleeting Pleasures and Inexhaustible Sources of Joy

A natural question frequently asked about a multitude of pursuits and activities is whether or not they are worth the time, effort, cost, and inconvenience that often attend them. For example, is an overpriced college education at a typically ultra liberal, politically correct college worth the exorbitant cost and the massive debt students incur to earn academic degrees at institutions with low academic standards and grade inflation? Does the cost of attending a professional sporting event and paying $100 for a ticket, $50 for parking, and $25 for food equal the pleasure or satisfaction…

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Jan, 19 2017

Our Bishops Invite YOU to Make a Digital Pilgrimage: 9 Days for Life

USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities

Have you made a pilgrimage lately?

Maybe you’ve been blessed enough to take what many of us consider a traditional pilgrimage: travelling to a destination like Lourdes, Fatima, or even a special cathedral here in the United States. But a pilgrimage is about more than an…

Jan, 16 2017

Higher Education

Many pro-life advocates believed that the answer to the abortion problem lay in education. Science supports the claim that human life begins at conception. Psychology reports that induced abortion has adverse effects on a high percentage of women. Sociology informs us that abortion…

And The Two Become One Flesh (Homiletic and Pastoral Review)
By Veronica Arntz

Obama’s Disregard for Stay-at-Home-Moms (Crisis)
By Caitlin Bootsma

The Erosion of Marriage (National Catholic Register)
By Don DeMarco

Authentic Compassion Does not Include Assisted Suicide (Zenit)
By Denise Hunnell

Robin William’s Life of Comedy Ends in Tragedy (Aleteia)
By Caitlin Bootsma

The Moment of Choice: Recognizing Human Dignity in Difficult Circumstances (
By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet

Jan, 11 2017

Blessed Margaret of Castello: Patron for Legislation Protecting the Disabled Unborn

A travesty it truly is to be abandoned by one’s own parents because one is not the perfect child. Such was the fate of…

Dec, 29 2016

Pro-life Politics are not Fringe or Obsolete: The Hyde/Helms Amendments

The mention of being pro-life is often met by eye-rolls, as something out of style, obsolete even, since abortion has been legal for over forty years….

Dec, 28 2016

The Stars Also Perish

Death, we are told by a most reliable source, can come like a thief in the night. We are all mortal and even…

Nov, 25 2016

Biblical Roots of the Domestic Church: Old Testament

This is the first of four weekly installments on the Spirituality of the Domestic Church.

The family is experiencing grave oppression from society and the world….

Nov, 10 2016

Can Contraception Use Be Considered A Valid Development of Doctrine?

Consider the following scenario:

Up until now, the Church has always taught that contraceptive use in the marital act or any direct sex act as…

Sep, 13 2016

St. John Chrysostom: The family as Micro-Church

In recent Church history there has been considerable reflection on the family as a domestic Church. One of the Patristic contributors to this revival…

Jan, 9 2017

There are No Human Beings

The contention which has been put forth by several writers that there are no human beings will seem rather startling to most people….

Jan, 4 2017

Tears of Happiness and the Exquisite Moments of Joy

Human beings delight in the world with their five senses that see beauty, hear music, feel comfort, taste deliciousness, and smell fragrance. They feel…

Jan, 2 2017

The Common Evil: Does It Exist As Well as the Common Good?

When we search for the phrase “common good” in the Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Church, we find it is mentioned one-hundred…